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Thinking about studying or working in Australia? Then you are not alone. Australia is considered to be one of the favorite destinations of immigrants because of the myriad of job opportunities available for those looking for greener pastures. And for a clear reason - according to studies done by the Australian government, immigrant employees and skilled workers in fact earn more than the average income of the whole taxpayer population.

Australia, among all other first world countries, has one of the highest growth rates right now, and, only very recently, has just broken the world's economic growth record, with the economy not having suffered a recession since 1991. Australia is home to around 7 million immigrants, which is still steadily on the rise, which constitute almost 30% of the population. Australia is a very immigrant-friendly country. A majority of immigrants come from Asia and Europe, providing the necessary workforce to drive the growing economy forward.

Australia is also a prime destination for international students. The government invests more than $200,000,000 annually on scholarships.

We at Australian Immigration Experts can help you get a visa and study or work in Australia. We have industry-leading partners in different sectors to provide you with the best service possible. Some of them include:

-Bose Australia Migration Services is one of Australia's top migration services companies that will help you secure your necessary documents for your visa application.

-It is important to have your finances properly set up before arriving in Australia. You can conveniently open a bank account even before you arrive through Westpac.

-There are a multitude of realtors in all across Australia, but you can contact and look for your own experienced agent through Real Estate.

If you are unsure, you can always check out the Australian government website to learn more about your specific requirements to get a visa.