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If you haven't checked out our article about moving to Melbourne, you can read it here. Some of them apply with Sydney, too, but we'll be writing additional info that's specific to Greater Sydney:

Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia and is one of the most cosmopolitan cities around the world with around a third of its population born outside of Australia. It is a port city with miles of shores

Travel around the city using an Opal smartcard. Opal is Sydney's public transport ticketing system. Similar to Myki cards in Melbourne, you can use the Opal card for tram, train and bus rides. Unlike Melbourne, though, the city doesn't offer a free ride for tourists anymore as more lines are being put in around the city. Driving our own car in Sydney is a bit hard especially in the CBD because of shortages of parking, so public transportation is the way to go if you're kinda new and trying to settle in and get a feel of Sydney. Most coaches travel to other cities as well. Trams are usually cheaper than train rides. It caps out at $15 on Monday through Saturday and $2.50 on Sundays which is good if you plan on travelling around the city a lot or take multiple rides. The Opal card can also even be used for ferry rides!